Reinventing Your Personal Power for Marketplace Dominance

EMPOWERED! is a Mastermind for professional women that will position you for the phenomenal growth, momentum and the success you desire in 2019.

Reinvent your personal power and establish your marketplace dominance TODAY.


The BEST of Two Worlds

A 6-Month Hybrid Coaching and Mastermind Program

Phenomenal Coaching
and Mentorship

Coaching and mentoring that helps you BE your best self: perfect and capable, with the clarity, confidence and courage that comes from decluttered thinking and empowering perspectives.

Authentic Support
of Peers

Support from a genuinely collaborative environment of women, where strength, experience, training, knowledge and creativity are freely shared, producing comradery and goal accountability.

Budget Friendly

Coaching and mentoring is designed to get you on track to success. To do that you have to stay consistent...that's hard when you're under a financial stretch. So there's no pricey monthly payments.

Here's What We'll Do

Tony Robbins said "If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do and you'll achieve the same results." That’s what the successful do and that is what we will do at EMPOWERED!

"I think the Core Positioning marketing strategy was very effective in describing the purpose and mission of your business. Rita’s mastermind definitely stimulated a new direction for thinking about the purpose of my business."

Gayla Hinds
Emotional Healer & Coach

Each month we'll focus on our personal communication and mindset. We'll craft thoughts and words that give us strength and purpose, instead of sabotage our progress by stripping us of confidence. We'll also focus on marketplace dominance, (making money while delivering world class value to our customers) and growing our businesses while staying true to our values, vision and mission. All while enjoying food, fellowship, feedback and comradery in a small environment of like-minded women.

You’ll get world class coaching from me and other's I know in the personal development space, along with material from those I've learned from like Tony Robbins, Lisa Nichols, Brendon Bruchard, THarv Eker and a host of others.

You'll learn about the intricacies of running an online business today, selling digital content, and growing your brand through various channels, from local experts and celebrities like Frank Kern, Dean Graziosi and Grace Lever, while we find our perfect customer avatar and build relationships with them to turn them into your customers for life .

Finally, you’ll build relationships and friends for life that you will walk with through life and business.

All this in a hybrid format that includes online work, video content and conferencing, Facebook page for Q & A and progress, and face to face meetings. This program is priceless and worth 10X more per month than you’ll pay.

But there is a drawback…the program is only open to 12 women per group and because of it’s worth the slots will go fast. So don't delay because once we have our first group session, even if it doesn't have 12, I won't add anyone else to the group to avoid disruption.

So Don't Wait...Sign Up TODAY and get early access to the membership site materials.

Empowered access officially begins January 7, 2018

"Very empowering!!! I enjoyed learning how to develop our GPS, sharing ideas and getting positive feedback from everyone."

Julie Pauling
Crafter Extraordinare


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"Rita’s coaching gave me CLARITY on what I want for myself and my business. I signed up for Empowered to make those dreams happen in 2019."

Amanda Behnken
Owner, Green Tree Steamers

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