9 POWER Steps



Kick Your 2020 Confidence into High Gear...Again?

Let’s Restore the Energy 2020 Started with...

2020 began with a BANG!

Jobs were prevalent, consumer confidence was high, people had money and resources, and were looking toward the future. Life was good for almost everyone you met...

Then COVID hit, and the winds of prosperity changed.

Circumstances shut us down literally. But what was most devastating was the emotional shut down...enter this uncertain, surreal life we’re living.  

Now 2020 is moving so swiftly through our existence we'll be left feeling like we've lost ground.

Can you afford to let 2020 slip away feeling like you've made little to no progress?

Because, how you end this year is how you begin the next. 

And I don't want to take this year's mediocre momentum into the next, do you?


  • Win the rest of the year and make up some of the ground you lost?

  • Regain the confidence and momentum you had in January, February and March, and take it into 2021?



But it’s going to take YOU re-setting the sail, pointing your boat in the direction you want it to go, pushing off from shore and personally navigating the rest of your year into the desired harbor.

We've traveled similar COVID paths and I know there's still time and life left in 2020!

So, if you're ready to get back to your life, operate at peak performance, and create some after COVID success and abundance

Here’s what I have for you.

My new eBook, 9 POWER Steps and it's companion, strategy filled, Masterclass, positions you to fearlessly face the future so you are ready to effortlessly create real, positive and lasting CHANGE in your life.


Here’s the empowerment and the results you can get:

Believe in YOU

When you believe in YOU, you'll never settle for less than what you want.


When you know what you want and why, you'll speak your own greatness.


Nothing's denied when you speak and work in your genius zone.

The 9 POWER Steps eBook and Masterclass create insight, inspiration and motivation so you can…

  • Stop second guessing yourself, take back your confidence and clarity and move forward fearlessly and effortlessly
  • Get crystal clear on what you want in your life and how to stay motivated until you bring IT to pass
  • Take the critical mental steps that lead to your next life phase so you can get back to pursuing YOUR dreams
  • Use the 3 elements that unlock your potential to achieve whatever you desire
  • Map out a strategic battle plan to really move the needle and propel you forward
  • Learn to use habit and the critical unseen forces that work on your behalf to deliver success to your door step
  • Understand how to Stand in the Questions that create YOUR possibilities
  • Develop a mindset that will serve you now and, in the future, so you can show up like a BOSS, no matter what the circumstances. 
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But that’s not all…

You move step-by-step through this process with Coach Rita personally. When you enroll in the 9 POWER Steps Masterclass we'll go LIVE covering the 3 empowerment focuses and the 9 POWER-Steps in the eBook.

The Masterclass is 1 and 1/2 days beginning on Friday evening and finishing on Saturday, October 23rd and 24th. 

Because of COVID, and the work we'll be doing, the Masterclass is very limited, and you can wear your mask if you’re still a bit squeamish.

Together, we’ll renew your mindset, re-set your goals, tackle your obstacles and strategically plan your future moves.

You’ll get up close and personal with your limits, so you can eliminate them and fast track your progress for the remainder of 2020...

So, if you’re ready to powerfully reclaim your 2020…

  • to feel clear, courageous and confident again

  • to show up like a BOSS (capitalizing on Big Opportunities in a Savvy & Strategic way)

  • to capably get on with BUILDING your life one dream at a time…

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Amanda Behnken

"The number one thing I have received thus far from Rita’s coaching is CLARITY on what I want for myself and my business..." 

Suzanne Pack

"If you’re ready to make changes in you’re life or business and need some inspiration Rita is the Coach."

Jennifer Falloon

"Have your hand held and your mind changed with the help of Rita Monroe and her powerful and encouraging coaching program!"

Together Let's Reclaim YOUR 2020!

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