YOU are the Business

and the Business is YOU...

isn't it time to


If you know what to do in your business, but sabotage yourself and make excuses for not doing it…
If you know you need to attend that networking event, but you’re petrified, or unsure how to introduce what you do…
If having the sales talk gets you tongue-tied, or gives you butterflies…
If you could change the conversation around your business to powerful…If you could be more confident and charismatic... would you?
Watch the video to learn how B.R.A.G. helps...

B.R.A.G. - Online Course

Is there anything more frustrating than talking yourself out of your own greatness and missing business opportunities? With B.R.A.G. you stop the sabotage, creatively articulate your business message, your uniqueness, and learn to confidently stand out from the crowd.


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Create a Bold and Visible Presence

5 Modules that help you understand why you are in business, what you offer at a deep level, find the boldness, the fun, and BE-come the awesome gift that comes with your product or service. B.R.A.G. is about Becoming…





What Women Are Saying About B.R.A.G.

"Amazing!!! I was enthralled and engaged with every spoken word, antic and wisdom. Thank you for jumpstarting my fire...So encouraged! You’re giving us valuable tools, now it’s up to us to find the DO part within us to get it done!"

Tammy M., Certified Tea Specialist

“Great challenge!"

"Really took me to levels of thinking I had NEVER been to before!”

Denise B., Floral Photographer

"My ‘why’ has always been there. It took peeling away the layers to really understand how I came about knowing what my ‘why’ is, and being passionate about inspiring others to be who they didn’t know they could become."

Jennifer H., Baker & Café Owner

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"Loved BRAG. This is the only course that really hit a homerun."

Gina E.
Insurance Agent

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