What Color Is Your CAPE?



Clarity. Alignment. Power.

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What Color Is Your CAPE?

The 'Courageous, Confident, Capable You' Blueprint to stepping into your SuperShe, the woman that holds your Confidence, Courage, Capabilities, Charisma and Compassion.

Ever stood at a crossroads, unsure of which direction to take?

Maybe traveled a life road that just didn't feel right anymore, emotionally or spiritually?

Or worked so hard and long that when you looked up from that work, you found yourself living in Vanilla-ville; your life looks just like everyone else's around you?

Maybe you're there now...

I actually found myself in all three of these scenarios, so I know how a person can feel stuck or misaligned; like something is missing from the equation. 

The BIG questions that were on my mind and my clients minds were:

  • Is emotional control a pipe dream?

  • Can I really live the life I want to live?

  • How can I find the point of thrive rather than just survive?

It took me several years to find the answers, the blueprint, that created an environment from which I could live out my dreams. The first thing I had to do was slay the DRAGONS that sabotaged my progress and threatened my future. 

What are the DRAGONS...


I found the answers, the secrets, the blueprint to slay the DRAGONS. I perfected it and I share what I found with you in this workshop.

What's the blueprint to the life of your dreams: CLARITY, ALIGNMENT, POWER

What Color Is Your CAPE

A Personal Power Workshop for Women with Proven Strategies, Powerful Tools and Techniques to Empower You, Reveal Your SuperShe and Uncover Your Greatness.

singular CAPE

1. acronym: Color Alignment that creates Purpose and Energy.

What Color Is Your CAPE exposes life's little mis-alignments that sneak up on you. It helps clarify our expectations and desires. What Color Is Your CAPE helps change viewpoints, creates purpose and direction, and develops energy.

Learn to live from the FLOW, get inspired and put some extra in front of that ordinary.

In this Workshop We'll Ask Destiny Questions that...


1. Focus in on life balance and clarify how to live present and future.

2. Distinguish when you're in the FLOW State which creates your SuperShe and identifies the DRAGONS that sabotage superpowers.

3. Reveal how Thoughts and Color synchronize your Purpose and Energy.

At the 'What Color Is Your CAPE' Workshop


  • Assess Your Life and Dreams; we rarely think about reexamining our desires.
  • Revise Your Expectations; the old adage we get in life what we expect is true; so your expectations are vitally important.
  • Discover the Energy Alignment that Serves You; daily living causes energy misalignments we need to tweak. 
  • Let Go to Take Control; decide to control what you can.
  • and have a lot of fun doing it...

Decide to Live Your Best Life NOW!

What Women are saying about 'What Color Is Your CAPE'

"Nobody teaches motivational change like Rita Monroe! I loved learning how to prioritize my needs and becoming aware of behaviors that I need to change so I can be the best I can be."

Jennifer Falloon
Investor & Owner, Happy Homes Now
It is in YOUR Moments of Decision that your Destiny is shaped.
T. Robbins

"I recently had the opportunity to attend her workshop “What Color Is Your CAPE... I for one am more clear on the work I will do to bring more balance to my life. Rita’s workshop has provided me valuable tools to continue my entrepreneurial journey. Rita shares her vulnerabilities, her soul, her passion, and her energy in this workshop. I would recommend this workshop to any woman who is ready to take action to seek more meaning and purpose in their life. "

Suzanne Greenwood Pack
Photographer & Owner, Celebrated Reflections
We are not the sum of our intentions but of our actions.
B. Burchard

"Inspired teachings like this one should not be missed. Rita the " Dream Whisperer" has a way of illuminating those dark places we don't want to visit! Thank you for the Superhero Stance, I've used it many times when I needed."

Elaine Jeanette Thomas
Crafter Extraordinare

Rita Monroe

Amazon Bestselling Author, Life Change Strategist & Coach for Women

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