The Ins and Outs of POWERful Decision-making

personal development Sep 14, 2020

In last week’s blog post I said:

The ability to make a DECISION is the point of ULTIMATE POWER!

And that…

If you have the presence of mind to make a decision you have all you need to reach your highest level of success, or your lowest point of failure.

So, in this post let’s explore decision and touch on having the presence of mind…

Decision at its core is a point at which you exercise your free will…your individual, personal control.

But in this day and age we have to ask ourselves are we always exercising free will, control, when we make a decision.

Forbes magazine states most Americans are exposed to between 4,000 to 10,000 ads each day.

And experts inform us we make about 35,000 remotely conscious decisions each day. Decisions about how to spend our time, what to wear, where to go, what to purchase, etc. Think about it, we make about 226 decisions each day on what to eat alone without stopping to consider how many food advertisements we have been subjected to during that day or previous days.

So, many of our daily decisions may be media encouraged, may not be truly our own and we may not think of them as life altering… But should we?

Because we are being naïve if you think you’re not influenced by the outside…you are!

Take the food example.

Just under half of all American’s are battling a weight, or health problem that can be directly, or indirectly attributed to their eating habits and their knowledge of how food affects their bodies.

But surely Rita, the life altering decisions regarding what to believe, what we say and how we say it, where to work, who to spend our time with, who we will date and marry, whether or not we would like to have children, are entirely our own?

Probably not, and therein lies the problem, these decisions should be your own…they should be based on who YOU are, or who YOU want to BE, and what makes YOU feel fulfilled at the core.

These bigger decisions should be our own…

Because they alter our lives in ways that expand our personal power and purpose, or diminish it.

All our decisions, even ones we think are small, make up our points of ULTIMATE POWER and when we don’t make our own decisions, we can feel powerless to change them.

Tony Robbins taught me the ins and outs of decision-making. He says, “big decisions start with little ones.”

And that a decision (big or little) is a…

“real, meaningful and life altering choice, where you 1) cut off any other possibility; 2) commit to something with everything within you; and 3) take action. “

Read that sentence again, because understanding it is life altering in itself.

The small decisions Tony talks about are really crucial to making personal, individual, real, and meaningful choices.

  • Choices that stack on top of each other, integrate as a whole, and make up a life…your life.
  • Choices that steer your life in the direction you want to go instead of where others, like the media, want you to go?

So how do we, have the presence of mind, to make those 35,000 remotely conscious decisions experts say we make each day, intimately conscious?

Start with this methodology I learned from Tony…

When you are faced with a decision, no matter how small, begin to decide based on these questions: 1) what am I focused on, 2) what meaning am I giving it, and 3) what am I going to do.

The next time you’re salivating over that burger ad, use this 3-question method before you walk into that fast food place…maybe you’ll go home and have a salad, or cook your own healthier burger.

You will consciously focus on what is important to you and why, and then consciously, instead of unconsciously, decide what you are going to do about it.

NOW that’s Control!

Control over what?

Over your own life…

When we make conscious decisions based on this 3-question methodology, we make big choices that inform OUR power, fit OUR purpose and spiritual calling, and design OUR dreams.

Those decisions then help us reach our highest level of success, instead of plunging us to the lowest point of failure.

Tune in to the energy blog next Monday as I build on this life changing knowledge…

We’ll dig deeper into this methodology we learned today by looking at choice (what am I focused on and why, and what meaning am I giving it) and the last Monday in this blog series will cover the inner conversations (what am I going to do) that make you unstoppable no matter what…So that your success becomes inevitable.

Talk Soon,


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