Our Thoughts Are Powerful Attractors

communication Mar 25, 2019

In last week’s blog we walked through how thoughts create tangible things and life realities, which becomes our story; the subconscious thoughts and ideas (self-talk) of who we are, what we think we can do and deserve.

A positive, or phenomenal story is built on 3 specific things:

  • Knowing you are powerful;
  • believing it and
  • walking in it...

Why? Because the world will see you and believe about you what you believe about you first.

Your affirmations from last week’s blog helped you believe in you. Then I told you to recite your affirmations until you were certain.

Here’s why…

Our thoughts are powerful attractors.

As we dwell on a thought it gets bigger and more pronounced in our lives. As it gets bigger, it consumes our lives.

It begins to take over and take on a life of its own.

As it takes on a life of its own it will manifest and the symptoms will be evident.

So, if you believe you are powerful beyond measure; that you are an influencer; that you are prosperous…you are.

If you believe you are timid, shy or a victim of circumstances…you are.

And you will attract the situations and circumstances that prove, and help you believe that.

Here is another thought-provoking statement…

Are you saying negative things about you, behind your own back?

I can’t; I don’t have what it takes; I don’t have enough money, education, energy, time and on and on and on.

Remember our thoughts are powerful attractors, so…

What will you choose to dwell on?

What do you want to become more pronounced about you?  

Begin to focus your conscious attention on it. What result do you want to become more pronounced in your life, the positive or the negative ones.

At the end of the last week’s blog you were asked to finish some sentences about what you know about yourself. I hope you gained some valuable insight from that exercise.  

From those sentences you should have constructed affirmations that identified the powerful you, or the powerful you, you are BEcoming…

You should now know what can you do?

From your affirmations identify 10 words that express your awesomeness.

Now answer this destiny question —'Who are YOU?’

Regardless as to what the world tells us, what we say to ourselves makes all the difference.

Second half of the Strategy…

Now let’s match up what you said with what others say about you.

This won’t really work if you haven’t completed the first part of this strategy, so if you didn't do it go back and do it. Then return here to complete this second half of the strategy. This half helps validate and make stronger what you will now speak and believe about you.

Here is Your Assignment

Email 5 to 6 friends, family or colleagues that will tell you the truth [No coaches]. Tell them you are working with a coach and your assignment is to ask this…

** I respect and value your opinion so I am asking for your help. In a short 1 or 2 sentences,

What would you say is fascinating about me? What qualities, gifts, talents, strengths would you say I have that stand out? **

What you get back will blow your mind! Many of the things said about you should match several of the 10 qualities you listed as who you are. As you receive the emails detailing how awesome you are, journal about what was surprising, what made you emotional and why.

As you finish this project you should have a sense of who you are and what are your gifts, talents and abilities. This should make you happy, because experts say one of the three top ways to experience true happiness is believing in self.

Talk Soon.

In the mean-time BE E3E.

Engaged, Enlightened, Empowered...Energized!


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