Inspiration Vs. Motivation

motivation Jan 28, 2019

My...My...My...this year, just like last year is flying by!

Have you notice the older you get the faster time flies.

Didn’t we just usher in 2019 with all its excitement and shiny promises and here it is already the end of January.

One of the reasons the New Year is such a celebratory time is there’s this subtle promise that we can start over, reset the clock, maybe right wrongs from the previous year.

Or finally make some progress on that thing we didn’t get done last year.

According to Forbes magazine 40% of Americans make New Year's Resolutions while only 8% actually achieve their goals.

The infamous Brian Tracy said only 3% actually achieve their goals

If you're anything like me, and I know you are, you've lived this New Year Resolution pattern every year...wishing and hoping to make lasting change.

Watching time march down the road and your desires turn to dust in the February wind.

In fact, according to Tony Robbins, by February 15th most resolutions have died on the vine.

If you are one of the 40% that make New Year’s Resolutions, what can you do to keep this horrible statistic from overtaking your dreams and goals this year?

THINKagain your thought pattern of creating goals and wishing they come true.

Hi I’m Rita Monroe, Bestselling Author and Life Change Strategist and coach for women and I’m on a quest to raise the percentage of women who are motivated to manifest in 2019.

Why do so few people actually get motivated, step out of their comfort zone, and do something different?

One of the reasons is inspiration is often confused with motivation, and inspiration wears off.

What is the difference between the two?

Inspiration is often an external event.

It can be a circumstance, place, experience, idea, person, or a force that influences (inspires) someone to do or create something.

The event does not have to be positive, like wanting to lose ten pounds, run a marathon, start your own business, or change your profession.

The event can be negative, like the death of a loved one, going through an illness, or seeing someone experience a trauma.

What the event does is create for the moment an intense desire to do something, fix something, or create something.

What the event does not… and cannot do is make it manifest (or happen).

That is where motivation comes in.

Motivation is internal.

Motivation is the foundational thoughts and actions that propel you into motion, keep you focused and allow you to persevere through the obstacles and challenges that will arise. Motivation provides the energy to keep going in spite of difficulties.

Motivation is internally created by the person who can manifest the desire or dream.

Think of it this way.

You are standing in front of a bakery shop staring at a huge, luscious, piece of cake.

Inspiration is the cake, the desire to have or eat the cake; a baker of desserts may even be inspired to make the cake.

Motivation is the energy it takes to reach into your pocket to see if you have the funds to buy the cake, walk up to the door of the bakery, go in, sit down, order the cake and wait on the waitress to serve you.

Finally, the cake comes, you stick your fork into it and take the first bite.

You have just manifested what you desired from the moment you saw the cake the first time. You wanted that cake enough to take the necessary steps to make it happen.

Experts agree motivation has three major elements: activation, persistence, and intensity. Activation involves the decision to initiate a behavior;

Persistence is the continued effort toward a goal even though obstacles may exist, such as time, energy, or resources;

and Intensity is the passion put into pursuing the goal.

Intensity or passion can be different depending upon the desire or dream.

If very little effort goes into achieving the desire or dream, a person is labeled not very motivated. But if a considerable amount of effort is expended to achieve a desire or goal, we say the person is highly motivated.

So, intensity or passion is critical to the desire, or goal being achieved, or the ability to maintain motivation.

Here’s the life application: no one can motivate you.

Other people, or external forces, can only can only inspire you and support the passionate desire you have inside.

You must motivate yourself to achieve your desires, dreams and goals.

It’s 2019, if you have confessed wanting something for a long time, but don’t have it yet, check your activation, persistence and intensity levels. Those three levels will tell you whether you really want what you say you want.

When you get motivated to do something, or make something happen, whether you made a new year’s resolution or not won’t matter. You will begin to make it happen and you will see it to finish.

If you are ready to make some magic happen in your life, there are books and programs on my site designed to help you BE, DO and HAVE what you desire. If you’re not sure where to start, start with one of my books, CEO Yourself or AWEtrepreneuring, you’ll find both on For personal help email me [email protected] and let’s talk about coaching.

I hope this post has helped you THINK Again your present and future.

Bye for now. Look for more Thinkagain moments coming soon.

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