How Does the World See You?

communication Mar 18, 2019

Last week’s post we talked about 5 little words ‘your thoughts control your life’ that shape the substance and quality of our lives. We also talked about how your world, all it is and all it can ever be, is tied to your thoughts, which is tied to your self-talk.

We said self-talk was the internal conversations you have with yourself. And that those words are critical because you will fight to be right. And if you want to change your life, you will have to change your thoughts.

How do you change your thoughts by changing your self-talk?

Well, let’s talk a little bit about how your self-talk becomes behavior; how it convinces you who you are, and results in you telling the world how to see and treat you.

If we go back and start with thoughts we get…

  • Thoughts become beliefs.
  • Beliefs become convictions
  • Convictions become attitudes
  • Attitudes dictate behaviors and behaviors determine what we get in life, how we're seen and treated.

So, thoughts create tangible things and life realities.

Think about any tangible thing you have in your life; relationships, job, car, money.

Did you have it before you thought about wanting it?

Let’s say you wanted a job. What did you do after that thought? Did you begin the process of looking for a job...did someone out of the blue say "Such and such place is hiring"...did you start your resume creation. There were many steps between thought and life reality, but it started with thought.

How about an intimate relationship or friendship? What did you do after that thought? One of the greatest books I know says 'if you want friends you must show yourself friendly'. Did you do that? What came first...the thought?

If you dress frumpy for work do you think others will treat you as a positive, polished, professional or someone without power, a nobody, without an opinion? 

Now think of any intangible thing you have in your life; happiness, love, self-esteem, abundance, scarcity. Is how you feel regulated by your thoughts?

Have you ever felt happy and changed your thought process for whatever reason, which changed how you felt to unhappy?

You see the only thing we can control in that list of thoughts, beliefs, convictions, etc., is our thoughts.

Because they become our attitudes and actions.

You thought it, maybe spoke it and through various means it became a life reality; positive or negative. 

Another important thing we must understand is our thoughts, attitudes, actions become our story

What is our story?

The subconscious thoughts and ideas (self-talk) of who we are and what we think we can do and deserve.

Why is this important?

Because like we said last week, 99% of self-talk is negative. Therefore, if we play our negative story through self-talk over and over again, that story tells us who we are, what we can do and what we deserve.

More importantly, we use that story to tell the world how to treat us.

Like a Victim, maybe unworthy, or like a Hero

Like a Failure, or Successful

Like someone Mediocre, Average, or Special

To change a negative story to a positive one, or phenomenal one, we need to do these 3 specific things: 

1. we need to know we are the powerful Be-ing that we were created to be,

2. believe it

and 3. walk in it...

How? Become our own encourager by constructing affirmations in our voice that serve and support who we are, or who we are BE-coming.

Know this truth, the world will see you and believe about you what you believe about you first.

The following is an Excerpt from my book AWEtrepreneuring with a strategy I used to help create empowering self-talk that changed my story and how I told, and expected, the world to treat me.

[Each of us has a God-like self, and the superpowered super-achiever in us wants to allow this self to be released into our life’s circumstances. We just have to let it happen.

Let me describe for you what I am talking about.

If you believe the biblical account of God beginning at Genesis, God said I AM, and spoke into existence the universe, the earth, and every living thing upon the earth. But one of those living things was unique among all of the other things he created, and that was us.

You see we were made in his image. An image is a copy, a duplicate, it is not just a reflection of the real thing, it’s a carbon copy. A carbon copy or duplicate is extremely similar but not exact, kind of like identical twins.

But what is interesting is that the qualities of the copy are shared with the original. So, if God is the great I AM; each of us shares in the description of I AM. If God spoke and created, each of us can speak and create.

Here is an example. As you say these words try and focus on how they make you feel say: I AM intelligent, I AM prosperous, I AM joyful, I AM great.

Now say: I AM stupid, I AM broke, I AM depressed, I AM alright.

As you spoke each set of words, which sparked the seed of positive emotions within?

Which set of words made you feel, if just for the moment that you could achieve something great.

The positive set? 

You have throughout your life spoken and achieved whether you spoke and achieved positive, or negative.

And no matter what your religious beliefs, your superpowered wonder of a woman self understands this internal quality and ability.

So, if you want to turn your dreams into physical realities you must call on your higher, or Best Self, your God-like abilities to change who you are and tell the world around you how to treat you.

It all begins with the thought process and the design or redesign of the self-image; your belief in self.

When I was looking for who I was, and who I wanted to BE, I used a combination of an exercises I got from Ted McGrath and Dr. Wayne Dyer. Then I put my twist on it and found a way to validate what I believe I was, which I will tell you about in the next blog post.

Here are some of the attributes, the affirmations I created:

I am inspiring

I am powerful beyond measure

I am loving and loveable

I am organized

I am prosperous

I am a money magnet

I am a thinker

I am creative

I am an entrepreneur

I am my own boss

I am willpower

I am diligent

I am perfect as I am

I am an energizer bunny

I am the calm in other’s storms

I am an influencer

I am unstoppable

I am passion

Now I want you to work on your Best Self Attributes so you can tell yourself who you are.

These sentences helped me determine my gifts, talents and abilities and move from powerlessness to powerful.

Finish These Sentences:

I am good at…

I have always been able to…

I love to…

People come to me for help with…

My friends and family love when I…

I feel good when I…

I love my ability to…

At work people approach me for help with…

My spouse loves my…

I love my…

My friends are always…

I am…

I want to be…

My best personal attributes are…

My best work attributes are…

What I love about my job is…

If I were the boss I would…

My hobby is____________, which makes me happy.

No Negative…]

Add to the sentences how you desire and fill up page after page until you create your own powerful affirmations.

Then begin to repeat and recite them to yourself until you believe without questions.

In the next blog post I will give you a strategy to validate and make stronger what you believe about yourself.

For now, just know you are pretty awesome yes? Or yes?

Talk Soon,

In the mean-time BE E3E.

Engaged, Enlightened, Empowered...Energized!


You can speak your own greatness, tell the world who you are and how you expect to be treated. You are that powerful…you just have to believe.

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