We Get What We Focus On

personal development Aug 25, 2020

Do you know what you are focused on?

Have you asked yourself, what do I focus on from day to day? What was your answer?

Here is an even better question, What will learning to focus do for me?

In the 2 previous blogs, focus was defined as the ability to target your attention and energy. Something we do both consciously and unconsciously.

A super-natural ability that empowers achievement through 3 super-natural elements of intention, attention and no tension.

The first super-natural element is intention, the desire to have a specific outcome or result. The second super-natural element is attention, which is choosing where to focus. The third super-natural element is no tension. No tension is faith, which is the woo-woo part of focus.

Lastly, focus has to be a decision, or choice, to ignore certain things, freeing you up mentally and spiritually, to do the thing, or things you choose.

In this blog I want to deepen your knowledge of the spiritual aspect of focus, because what we focus on is what we get.

In my last 2 posts, I've given you the vital knowledge you need to understand the critical nature of focus and why it should be vital to you. So you have reasons and ways to focus, but I think this video, which I found during some research, will bring it all together and help you learn 3 additional ways to focus.

I could explain it with words, but I think this YouTube video, Three Ways to MASTER the Skill of FOCUS, helps explain the woo-woo of focus a little deeper, and gives you 3 additional ways to focus. It's about 12 minutes and well worth your time (make sure you skip the ads at the beginning).


Once you understand Focus and its value in your life, you can use this tool to get the outcomes you want today and in your future.

So, enjoy the video...

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SSFqF49_6-Q and I will get to The FLOW state, which Focus naturally and spiritually ushers in, next week.

 In the meantime, Energize Your Entrepreneur.

 Talk Soon,



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