FOCUS Mastery: The Key to Manifestation

design2020 Aug 17, 2020

In the previous blog, focus was defined as the ability to target your attention and energy. We also discussed that focus is a super-natural ability that empowers achievement.

Also, focus is something we do both unconsciously, with the mind’s Reticular Activating System (RAS) and consciously with intentional decision making.

When the brain, through the RAS is directing your decision making you can feel frustration, confusion and like a scattered-mess, because when you introduce a thought, or desire that could result in change…you’re doomed! Your ancient brain pattern is protecting you from harm, or unpleasantness and seeking sameness, comfort and pleasure.

Lastly, and most importantly, focus has to be a decision, or choice, to ignore certain things, freeing you up mentally and spiritually, to do the thing, or things you choose. Ignoring doesn’t mean neglecting, it means doing, but automatically, like doing dishes, or taking a shower, brushing your teeth…these happen habitually.

In essence, think of it like,

Take care of the must do’s, but focus on the want to’s.”

Here we’re going to discuss the other piece you should understand to really get a handle on this focus thing and make it work for you…

The spiritual, or Woo! Woo!  Part of focus.

The spiritual part of focus orients us toward results rather than activity.

We are not always clear about the results we desire when we engage in something. We are often uncertain about the path we want, or need to take, and or the results we want to get from the path.

That is why focus is such a crucial topic and the manifestation tool we need to have in our toolbox.

Inherent in Focus is 3 critical concepts…supernatural elements…that work in concert to create manifestation.

The first super-natural element is INTENTION. What is intention? A purpose, or attitude toward the effect of one’s actions, or conduct.

Intention is a spark that arouses a desire in your mind. Intention is the result or outcome you are looking for when you think, or do something.

Without fail, when human beings do something, they are always looking for an end result; a material thing(s), an emotion such as significance, love, happiness, satisfaction, elation, ecstasy.

Frustration, sadness, anger, confusion ensue when we do something and don’t achieve the outcome we want. Often this is because we were unclear about the outcome when we started the activity, or we were engaged in the wrong actions to bring about the desired result.

It is unlikely you’ll run into problems if, when you ask someone for a date, you are looking for friendship, or companionship, rather than of love. It can grow into love but your intention drives the relationship.

You should not plant tomatoes, when your outcome is to get corn. You cannot be an employee, when your outcome is to be the boss. You should not eat fast food, when your outcome is to be healthy.

Everything starts with intention, with the desire to fulfill a personal need. Additionally, there are different stages, levels of need or desire, and thus levels of intention.

When intention is deep (strong desire) you will feel it in both your emotions and your body. At this stage you need very little motivation to place and keep your attention on the thing you desire. You might say you become obsessed.

The second super-natural element is ATTENTION. Attention is choosing where to focus. It is awareness in motion, like the flow of water carrying you down river effortlessly.

Attention is not ‘a permanent no’ to everything else, just ‘a present no’. The key here is productivity because saying no to every other option unlocks your ability to accomplish the one thing that is next, or left.

But that one thing that you are doing has to be aligned with your intention. As you clearly define your intention, your goal(s) and or objective(s) become clearer. Then your attention is confined to a smaller and smaller area.

As you concentrate into that goal or objective, the depth of your attention gets greater and your energy flows toward accomplishment, finishing what you desire.

Matthew 11:24 says it best, “Whatsoever things ye desire, when you pray, believe that ye received them and ye shall have them.”

If you are religiously inclined you’ve heard this and maybe know what this means. Many people get hung up on the pray part. Let pray in this instance mean focus on and speak about.

When you focus on and speak about, your belief begins to grow and you become aligned vibrationally with the thing you desire.

In the movie, Sister Act 2, Whoopi Goldberg is talking to a young girl who wants to be a singer. She says to her, “if every day you get up and all you can think about is singing, you’re supposed to be a singer.”

It’s like that. If you have a deep desire to write (intention) whatever your reason.

The more you write…the more you’ll study writing (attention)

the more you write…the deeper you’ll study writing…

and the more you’ll write.  

The daily activities you pursue will align with your desires, tension and or resistance will disappear, and you’ll relax into the manifestation.

Enter the last element NO TENSION

No tension is FAITH…when you relax into the intention. Faith is not just belief, but a deep knowing that your manifestation is just on the edge of reality and has to come to pass. This is the woo-woo part of focus.

As you engage in intention and attention, you give your mind, your brain, and yourself the moment for an energy infusion which expands and produces.

No tension is the element that accelerates the manifestation process, whether it is healing, feeling or the material desires of your heart. It is during no tension that people, opportunities, ideas, resources, seemingly from nowhere, suddenly drop into your space and you see your way clear.

If we go back to the writing example, when you set your intention, apply continuous attention, pretty soon spiritually, internally, emotionally you’ll be a writer (no tension) and no one will be able to deter you from writing, or tell you you’re not a writer.

How can we use this KNOWLEDGE today?

When you master FOCUS you have the key to manifesting your goals and dreams.

Mastering FOCUS leads to:

  • Deeper Personal growth and development
  • Release of ingenuity and creativity
  • Builds internal trust, self-awareness and breaks limitations
  • Gets the desired results

And who wouldn’t want these outcomes working for them, helping them achieve their dreams in life.


In the previous blog post ‘Where focus Goes Energy Flows’, I asked you...

Do you want to chalk this year up as a loss and wait for 2021?


Do you want your dreams, goals and desires, even if it means tweaking them in the wake of COVID? 😊

I also asked you to complete an exercise designed to identify the 1 thing you deeply desire. The one thing you want to happen by the end of the YEAR.

So, here’s what you should do this week. Print both these blog posts, study them and learn the golden nuggets about focus that you need to begin this work. Now apply this knowledge to focus on the 1 THING you want to happen by the end of the Year.

Implement what you just learned about intention, attention and no tension. Set your intention, begin to choose some daily activities that you will engage in to place your attention on manifesting this thing you desire. Begin to do them and when you are engaged in them let all other things fall away. Finally, begin to look for the intellectual and emotional help you need to know where to apply your attention. Next look for the signs of no tension that reveal your thing is manifesting.


If you’re ready for some personal help around achieving your goals and dreams, contact me ([email protected]) and let’s have a coaching conversation. I help women self-educate and empower themselves, rather than self-medicate and struggle with feeling successful.

Next week’s blog we’ll talk about The FLOW state, which Focus naturally and spiritually ushers in.

In the meantime, Energize Your Entrepreneur.

Talk Soon,



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