personal development Sep 07, 2020

You’ve probably said, or heard someone say,

“Why am I struggling with…”


“Why do I constantly struggle with this or that”

The answer is so simple.

We know it in our spirit, yet we discount it, justify it, charge it to others, and blow it out of proportion because we need the reason for our struggling to be big…to be out of our control.

But it’s not BIG, in fact it’s well within our control to stop struggling, because struggling is a personal decision to be powerless.

That decision is something we don't want to acknowledge… if we did it would mean taking responsibility for our own suffering.

Here’s a quick story that illustrates powerless decision-making.

The last few days I have been taking care of two of the most fantastic little girls in the world. My great-granddaughters. They are 5 months and 4 years and truly delightful…a gift to the world.

Still, at my age, even though it was my pleasure, caring for them full-time is not my first choice.

It was thrust on me because I chose not to watch them suffer through days of emotional trauma. I’ve seen the pattern as their Mom, my granddaughter, turns in on herself, and begins to have suffering inner conversations. I can see the powerlessness come over her as she begins to blame others for her unhappiness and inability to bring about the success she craves.

Suffering, I decided this time, was unnecessary for the girls to experience…

So, I stepped in and took over their care not knowing if it would be a few hours, a few days, a few weeks, a few months, a few years, for good, etc. It turns out, this time, it was for a few days.

Why, did I do that?

Because when someone is mentally struggling you don’t know their frame of mind…what they are capable of, not capable of, when, or if they will recover.

You also don’t know how they will visit their struggles on those around them…especially children, which are the most vulnerable.

So, you do what you can, until they decide…

The last part of that sentence is the most important.

Until they decide...

DECIDE is the operative word, the beginning of the inner conversation and the answer to any problem, no matter how big or small, for them, and for you who observe them.

It’s the children that can’t decide and the reason I stepped in.

Here’s the take away and value of this knowledge:

The ability to make a DECISION is the point of ULTIMATE POWER!

If you have the presence of mind to make a decision you have all you need to reach your highest level of success, or your lowest point of failure.

And the choice is yours and yours alone:

  • You can be the greatest mom, wife, caregiver...
  • The most successful employee, professional, or business owner…
  • The most valued and loved friend, or family member…
  • The best actor, actress, singer, songwriter…
  • You can be rich and famous, and make tons of money…
  • You can find the love of your life…
  • You can love your life…


It’s all in your decisions, your choices and your inner conversations.

Your decisions, choices and inner conversations are the source of all your struggles and or triumphs.

In fact my mentor, Tony Robbins said,

"It is in the moment of decision that your destiny is shaped."

That's why the point of decision is the ultimate power.

So, in the next few blog posts, we’ll explore decision, choice and the inner conversations that make you unstoppable no matter what…So that success becomes inevitable.

Tune in to the energy blog for the next few Mondays as I build on this life changing knowledge.

Talk Soon,



My granddaughter…She will keep have emotional struggles and sending her girls through traumatic episodes until she decides to address her chemical imbalances, and choose more empowering conversations with herself about her happiness and success, instead of blaming others for her inconsistent life.


Me and My great-granddaughters…As long as it is within my power, I will step in and care for them until they can care for themselves and learn to make their own decisions about their futures, their happiness and their successes.

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