How to Experience BLISS...

inspiration Mar 09, 2020

It’s Sunday, March 8, 2020 and when I opened my eyes this morning I was awash in a state of BLISS. The last thing on my mind before I closed my eyes on Saturday night, and the first thing on my mind when I woke this morning, was heightened joy and thank you God on my lips!

What a powerful, insightful, phenomenal week I had that turned into this moment of elation. So, I wanted to share my week and at the end, the secret of why I believe I experienced these feelings. See if you can pick out the secret as you read.

Here's my week...

Monday started off with WHW2N Connector breakfast learning with some powerfully focused women entrepreneurs that continued into a collaborative Zoom meeting. Later that evening, at the Steeping it Real meetup, with Tammy Martinez, both the conversation and the tea sipping was wildly tasteful and inspiring.

Tuesday started with a video creation webinar, moved into a life catch-up session with a walking partner, Anitra Moodie. Later I found a place where I’ll purchase my mastermind space furniture.

Wednesday began with physical rehab which is always moving. Then I traveled to New Braunfels for a Facebook Class, learned some vital stuff (I should be doing) and made a couple of engaging connections. I missed my meditation class, with Julie Little, but got some real estate insight that should prove lucrative very soon.

Thursday I hung out with Hubby as we planned my mastermind space, and shopped for materials. Missed my weight loss session with Wendy Crabbe, darn. Sometimes we miss goals…but that’s okay…I forgave myself and moved on. Met some Veteran sisters in my new WoVeN group and ended my day celebrating a Bestie’s Birthday…Happy Birthday again Jennifer Falloon. Sorry the baby came 2 days late…Lol

Friday was more than I could ask for. It was a Coffee Talk morning and I got to hang out, drink coffee and conversate with 14 ladies that are going places in their lives and businesses. We discussed alignment and collaborated…good stuff ya’ll. One of the highlights of my week was the privilege of being invited to share my story on the radio. I taped a radio spot that will air March 21st. More to come on that. The thing that was really fantastic about it was the inspiring lady, radio host, who interviewed me, Jan Johnson. Our spirits connected immediately and we shared struggles as well as dreams; on and off the air. Sometimes you just know someone is going to be in your life when you meet them…that was us.

After all that ladies…the phenomenon came Saturday morning about 7:30 am when Larry and I began the process of welcoming our 3rd great grandchild into the world. My grand-daughter, many of you know her from my conversations, allowed us the privilege of sharing a natural birth experience. Both Larry and I saw all 3 of our grandchildren being born, but the labor process of this natural birth was nothing short of spiritual. Sabrina's doula, mid-wife and nurse were there every step of the way…tremendously supporting caring women, all of them. The support in that room took my breath away…it’s not just a job for them. This was how babies were brought into the world in the past…a village of women there assisting and supporting the blessed event.

Beside prayer, I was even able to hold her hand and whisper encouragement as she welcomed her second child into the world. BUT, the most phenomenal thing was Kalani, her 3-year-old, experienced the entire thing and she didn’t flinch. She helped mommy breathe and told people to get out of the way because she couldn’t see. Sabrina and her 2 girls now have a bond that is unbreakable as they learn to support each other through everything that comes their way. There is nothing Godlier, nothing more motherly, than that. Thank you, Sabrina, for allowing me the privilege of sharing a millennial’s, back to natural, concept of life and motherhood…I do not take it lightly.

So, you can see why I said I had a powerful, insightful, phenomenally spiritual week, and why I woke this morning in a vibrational state of BLISS. I also said I would share what I believe to be the secret of why and how to experience BLISS.

Here it is…Be PRESENT with People.

Being PRESENT means genuinely wanting to share other people’s lives. To be intentional in your caring about who they are and what is happening to them. It means wanting the experience of being a part of their living, the good and the bad, even if it’s just for a few minutes. Being PRESENT means putting you secondary and listening for the things that delight and inspire others and letting those things imprint you, so you make memories together. Being PRESENT means being intentionally human, because in those moments you will find BLISS...

As I traveled through my week, I saw a lot of people on phones, in their own little world, in their cars going nowhere fast…Put down your phones, get out of your own heads, talk to someone and share who you are with them, and let them share who they are with you. You will be amazed at how it will make YOU feel.

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