I Decided to Go Back to the Future! You Can Too...

personal development Oct 02, 2020

My last blog post was Sept 14th. I have to say I am sorry to you guys because my intention was to create 3 to 4 blogs per month that focused on a topic of great interest to all of us, especially if you’re an entrepreneur, or wanna-be-preneur.

So, here I am almost 3 weeks behind. But I can’t say I’m sorry about being 3 weeks behind…I’m almost glad. Because I made a powerful decision that changed my life for the better and gave me back a close relationship with my husband. A closeness that I haven’t had in a long time.

Here’s what happened…I took my own advice!

For several years Larry (my hubby) and I had been at odds about what he calls retirement from the work-a-day grind.

He wanted to sit, every morning, in our large backyard, have coffee and essentially do nothing much but talk. Kind of like grandma and grandpa in rocking chairs, waiting for time to overtake them. My dilemma; when you don’t do anything, what do you have to talk about?

Me, I wanted to take on new entrepreneurial challenges, grow my influencer and coaching business and travel to exotic, well maybe not that exotic, places.

Very different concepts of what each of us wanted these later years to look like. So, we grew further and further apart until I wasn’t sure we even liked each other anymore. We certainly didn’t laugh, forget about talking, and we didn’t have anything in common, except FOX News.

And I felt powerless to change it…I was adamant about NOT sitting in that rocking chair and letting my body, but more importantly my mind, atrophy.

So, here’s my own advice I took…I made a powerful, life altering, decision.

Remember my mentor Tony Robbins said, “big decisions start with little ones.”

Well I had to ask myself some questions that started out little and led to a big choice. One of those “real, meaningful and life altering choices, like I explained in the last post; where you 1) cut off any other possibility; 2) commit to something with everything within you; and 3) take action. “

I had to go through the process: 1) what am I focused on, 2) what meaning am I giving it, and 3) what am I going to do.

I was focused on myself. I was doing so many things that excluded him…it was my time, I told myself.

That meant that the commitment I made 42 years hence, you know till death do us part, was no longer #1…is that what I wanted?

If not, what was I going to do about it?

Here’s some of the questions I asked myself…

  • Did I want to spend the last years Larry and I had together estranged, living in the same house, but with little else in common?
  • After 42 years of marriage, was he still worth sacrificing for?
  • What was I willing to sacrifice to restore the relationship and still be who I wanted to BE in this phase of my life?
  • Was there a place of sharing that we could get to that would fulfill both of us, as a couple and individually?

The answers to each of those questions kept coming up yes…so I decided to go Back to the Future. I started a new business with my husband in tow.

We have returned to rehabbing and renovating homes; something we did together for many years. But it was always Larry’s business and I helped him.

This time the business concept, foundation, the way it is run, the focus and the direction, is my choice and we make some, not all, decisions together.

I dearly love this entrepreneurial endeavor…I love the work even though my body is screaming…Larry loves the feel of accomplishment and seeing a project come to fruition, even though his body is screaming too…and we’re making pretty good money. We’re back to sharing a future again.

One of my visions is to have 10 personal rental houses in the next 5 years, then I may look at retirement 😊 (I’m always over the top with my visions).

So, what should you do with this information?

One of the things you should do with this and the last 2 blogs on decision-making is to review your life choices in context. Not the ones you’re happy and satisfied with, but the one’s that you find you aren’t very satisfied with.

Ask yourself some deep questions.

What am I focused on? And why?

What meanings are you attributing to those areas of your life?

What can you do to turn things around, go in another direction, take different actions?

When you go deep with your questions, you can make decisions that fill your soul and lift your spirit…

Life altering decisions that you can commit to with everything that is within you. You can decide to do what you love, with those you love, because you decide what is important in your life.

That’s when life changes and you find yourself on the path to your highest level of success and your wildest dreams…with power and purpose.

Stay tuned ladies, this blog may turn into monthly because I am so busy, but I will keep sharing the things I learn, after all I’m a coach at heart.

Talk Soon,


P.S. Taking 3 days off to attend the World Summit with my mentors Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi. It was supposed to be in Vegas, but the Coronavirus sent it virtual. My next blog will be nuggets from that epic training…Whoop! Whoop!

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