Life is About Creating Yourself...Not Finding Yourself

Hi, I'm Coach Rita, life change strategist and empowerment coach for women.

My early life was not pretty…childhood sexual abuse, teen promiscuity, domestic violence and a failed marriage all before the age of 19. I joined the military and faced a whole new set of sexual trauma and harassment. A military leader, a college instructor, bible college dean, and a HR Law & business consultant, emerged from all that trauma, but beneath was a timid, scare little girl who did not know her own personal power.

I managed to find my soulmate and faith in God, which helped me carve out a pretty normal, average existence. What I didn't know until later was I hated normal and average even though it was built into the plan I was following—get a good education, a good job and you'll be successful. I was most successful at collecting degrees and piling up education debt.

Reinforced and admired by my peers, I had it all together. I looked successful, but sometimes I felt like a fraud. Just under the surface I seemed to still be living in victimhood. Then the unthinkable happened—the tragic death of my 13-year old grandson…while I was his mother, and my comfy little life spiraled out of control. That’s when I realized my learned life philosophy had victimology at its root; ‘life happened to you, not you happening to life.’

How do you change a life of conditioned thinking?

You start at the root. T Harv Eker, author of the Millionaire Mind, said ‘if you want to change the fruit, you must first change the root.” The root of the fruit is thoughts and self-talk. I started there.

I found a purpose…to help you believe you don’t have to live in Victimhood anymore either. I found a passion... to help you move to powerful, purposeful and live your dreams, because another mentor and coach taught me, the past does not equal your present, or your future. That's why life is not about finding yourself, you are not lost. You're here, you just need to create the vision of who you want to BE so you can get on with the business of BE-ing that.

My Promise To You

When we work together, I will stand for your dream, your transformation, until you can stand for yourself. You will believe you can BE, DO or HAVE whatever you desire...PERIOD!

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Within you is the SuperShe you've long dreamt of. She is lurking just beneath the surface, waiting for you to unleash her. The woman who is creative, intuitive, motivated, bold and unafraid...a real bad [email protected]##!

You know her. You've caught glimpses of her from time to time. Wouldn't you like to find her and become her BFF? I did and it was a life change journey I'll always be grateful for.

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